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The 14th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research


Akureyri Iceland, September 22-25, 2005

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre welcomes you to the 14th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research. The conference focuses on four main themes: Culture and society, Nature, Economy and Policy and marketing. Five keynote speakers will give presentations in relation to the main themes. Also, parallel sessions will be run on the four themes.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend the conference. We also welcome participants from other parts of the world. The conference language is English.

The conference will to some extent be run parallel to VII Nordic-Scottish Conference on Rural and Regional Development which is being administered by the University of Akureyri Research Institute.

Prior to the conference, a colloquium for doctoral students in tourism and hospitality management had been organized. Due to few registrations this colloquium has been cancelled.

This web site contains further information on the conference themes, conference program, as well as some links to practical information on the conference location.

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