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Creating Knowledge III
Information Literacy, Bridging the Gap
Between Teaching and Learning
Promoting the Educational Role of the Librarian
at Hotel KEA, Akureyri, Iceland - September 25-26, 2003

Creating Knowledge (CKIII) welcomes you to the 3rd conference in its series addressing issues of information literacy. The conference is now one of the objectives of the recently established Nordic Information Literacy Institute, NORDINFOlit, which is funded by NORDINFO. NORDINFOlit´s steering committee is engaged in the preparation of the conference programme as well as a group of Icelandic university librarians involved in information literacy. The first two conferences in the series were organized by Malmö University in Sweden and in the future it will be held every other year in one of the Nordic countries.

The University of Akureyri is organizing and hosting the conference this year. Well known international speakers from outside and within the Nordic countries will contribute to the programme. The conference language is English.

The conference will take place at Hotel KEA which is situated in the town center. Accommodation is within walking distance from the conference venue.

Please see online registration form for information on registration fee and other details.

The conference theme:
CKIII will address the educational role of the librarian within the learning environment and related issues. A transformation of the learning approaches has increased the librarian´s cooperation with faculty and thereby enhanced the integration of information literacy into the university curriculum. Librarians need to be aware of modern pedagogical considerations and endeavour to strengthen their didactic techniques in order to fulfil their role in this new academic environment.

The topics presented at the conference are:

  • Information literacy and learning (learning theories and styles)
  • Information literacy and teaching (pedagogical aspects of information literacy)
  • Cooperation between faculty and librarians
  • Teaching, learning and technology – technology in the learning environment
  • Research and case studies on information literacy
  • Assessments of information literacy

Target audience:
Target audience are primarily librarians, educators, researchers, information officers, IT strategists and education and library planners.

Workshops with emphasis on the conference themes will be a part of the conference programme. Registration will take place at the conference.

The participants are warmly welcomed to Akureyri and the CKIII conference where they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on information literacy issues with international colleagues. There will also be excellent opportunities for conference participants to enjoy the great variety of Icelandic nature, either in organized excursions or on their own.

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